Making Sure Your Trailer is Road-Safe This Summer

Posted on: 13 November 2017

Trailers are an essential for any Aussie home, especially in the Summer. Unfortunately, they sometimes create unnecessary danger to other cars. Some drivers get fined for unsafe trailer loads, but there are easy ways to make sure that your trailer is safe. For example, a trailer cover will ensure that everything in your trailer is secure and can't cause danger to other vehicles. 

Comply with the state regulations

Each state has different rules around owning and operating a trailer. Some states are a lot stricter than others, which makes it important to plan your journey. If you'll be driving across the country, ensure that your trailer is compliant in each state you drive through or you could risk a fine. Most of the time, following your common sense and having a fully functional trailer which seems safe to drive will be enough. 

Test the lights

Wiring up the tail lights is one of the trickier parts of owning a trailer, but ensuring that these are functional is important for road safety. If you use a trailer cover, make sure that it doesn't cover these lights when you place it over the trailer. As long as the lights are visible and bright enough to see, you should be good to go.

Get some equipment

Most hardware stores sell equipment designed to make your trailer road-worthy. Simple items such as bungee cords can help fix items down, but if you're carrying a big load, investing in a canvas trailer cover is a good idea. Covers will protect the trailer and its contents from the weather and wind, as well as making sure that items don't fall out as you drive. 

Fix any problems

Wear and tear can make a trailer less stable than it should be. Taking it to the mechanic may be necessary if something is majorly wrong, but most of the time a few tweaks will make it good to drive. Replacing tyres regularly will make your trailer more stable and safer to drive as a result. Always ensure that you have the correct tyres for the terrain you'll be driving and the trailer you own. 

Life without a good trailer would be a lot more difficult. That's why following these methods to make sure you're not putting anyone in danger is so important. No-one wants to see more regulations around trailer safety, so a few common sense tools like a canvas trailer cover will make the road safer and drivers happier.