Make Your Hard Floor Camper Feel Like Home

Posted on: 19 March 2018

In May 2014, the number of people camping in Australia rose by 7.4%. With life on the road becoming exceedingly popular, more people are looking into solutions that allow them to live in a home away from home. Whether you want several short trips over the space of a year or you're planning a long tour, there are ways to make your hard floor camper cosier.

Consider not installing a bathroom

Although bathrooms are essential wherever you are, you may want to consider saving space by not installing one. The majority of campsites have shower and bathroom facilities, making it possible to customise your camper without adding them in. Doing so ensures you have extra living space, making it possible to feel more comfortable.

Ensure the camper caters to your sporting needs

If you envisage a life on the road that involves engaging in your favourite sports, make sure your camper can safely accommodate all of your equipment. For example, if you love to hit the waves with your surfboard, you can create facilities that suspend yours from the ceiling. Or, if you prefer cycling or golfing, add a roof rack to the top of your vehicle. Taking such measures reduces the need to clutter your mobile living space and prevents you from damaging your equipment.

Extend your space with a tent

If your hard floor camper is particularly small, you may struggle to introduce a living or eating space that's a decent size. Carrying camper-friendly awning and tents around allows you to extend your space to the outside. Alongside foldable essentials, such as tables and chairs, you can create an area for socialising, giving you the chance to enjoy more of the great outdoors.

Don't forget the kitchen

Unless you want to live off sandwiches during your travels, a kitchen is an undeniable essential for your hard floor camper. Small stainless steel options are possible, allowing you to cook indoors without using too much space. Or, if you need more areas for seating and sleeping, consider carrying gas-powered alternatives and adding them to your storage space. While the first option means you don't have to constantly buy gas, the latter does provide more areas for you to add other essentials that are important to you.

Whatever you choose to do with your hard floor camper, make sure you write a list of what is and isn't important before customising one. With some foreplanning and a Plan B, you can create the mobile living space of your dreams.